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Show & Tell – 6 June 2012

There’s been 2 new releases in pretty quick succession, so we’ve combined this post to cover both.

We’ve done some major rework to the UI that’s changed the look and feel. The screenshots below show you the before and after:

Screenshot of the toolbar before the changes

Toolbar before

Screenshot of toolbar after the changes

Toolbar after

Another major new feature that’s been added is contract management:

  • Contracts can be added to the organisation, programmes and projects.
  • You can record the budget for the contract and track expenses (invoices) against that budget.
  • You can see a list of all the contracts for a particular vendor.
  • You can see a list of all the contracts for the members of a portfolio.


We’ve added a new option to the pipeline dashlet on the portfolio dashboard. You can either show just a count of members for each stage in the pipeline or you can show the full list of members in each stage.

Inline editing has been rolled out to the comments function.

We’ve added an option when you delete tasks/milestones to renumber the existing tasks/groups/milestones so they move up and fill the gap in the WBS numbering left by the deleted item.

You can now change your time format to only show just hours and minutes instead of showing seconds as well.

There’s a new column in the timesheet tasks table that shows the last comment added. This comment can be edited inline.

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