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Show & Tell – 17 December 2012

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Calendar views
Advanced Resource Estimates
Custom Fields
New Columns
Bug Fix

Calendar Views

We’ve added calendar views for projects and users which quickly shows you the tasks, milestones and actions for the selected month:
Project Calendar View

Advanced Resource Estimates

We’ve implemented phase 1 of advanced task estimation. You can now enter per resource, per week estimates for tasks. Look for the advanced estimates tab on projects and programmes.


We’ve changed the calculation of fixed duration tasks to set estimated effort = duration if the task is not allocated to any resources. Previously, the estimated effort defaulted to zero if the task was not allocated to any roles/users.
We’ve also changed the taskgroup progress calculation to use the average of the task/sub-group progress if there is zero estimated effort. Previously, the taskgroup defaulted to zero progress if there was zero estimated effort across all the tasks/sub-group.


We’ve added a number of new report methods to the report templates:

  • To retrieve preferences, e.g. $asset.getPrefence(‘name’,’default’)
  • To retrieve the task/group/milestone overdue status and string:
    • $task.getOverdue()
    • $task.getOverdueString()
  • To retrieve timesheet attendance details.
  • To retrieve the attendance excess.
  • To retrieve the previous/next timesheets.

We’ve updated the timesheet report to run at the organisation, role, line manager or individual levels.

We’ve added the Attendance report to show totals and exceptions from the attendance details. This report can be run at the organisation, role, line manager or individual levels.

Custom Fields

We’ve increased the custom field string length from 4000 to 8000 characters. We’ve also added support for custom fields on tasks and milestones.

New Columns

We’ve added a new column on the Tasks&Milestones table to show when the task/group/milestone is overdue.

We’ve also added RAG and RAG change columns to the portfolio members dashletand the programme members dashlet.

Bug Fix

We’ve fixed the display of the default state on the workflow history tab.

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