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e-LM version 1.47 went live last night (NZ time) and includes the following exciting enhancements:


Reason Required

Customised lifecycles now support transitions that require a reason to be entered when requesting the transition. This is useful for example to force a user to record a reason when a requirement is cancelled or when a defect is deferred.


Defect Status Report

This new report lists all the defects for a selected organisation, programme, product, release, project, test-run, test-case result or test-step result. The defects are grouped by module as well as by impact.


Customised Lifecycle Support for Test-cases

This means you can now define your own lifecycles for test-cases, including authorisation (sign-off) points and transitions where reasons are required, e.g. when a test-case is placed in a deferred state.


Dialogue box overhaul

We’ve overhauled the formatting of dialogue boxes to better handle bigger fonts selected in the browser.


Default lifecycle when importing requirements

You can now select a lifecycle to apply to new requirements imported from a CSV file.

If you would like any more information on any of these new features then just let me know.

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