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Psoda is bridging the gap between physical and electronic kanban boardsLearn More
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Psoda strikes Australian hosting partnership with Macquarie Telecom

We’re excited to announce that Psoda has entered into a partnership with Macquarie Telecom to help expand our footprint in Australia.

Under the agreement, our project, program and portfolio management (PPM) software will be hosted at Macquarie Telecom’s Tier 3 data centre, Intellicentre 2 (IC2) in Sydney.

Macquarie Telecom is one of Australia’s leading integrated hosting and telecommunications companies and we are looking forward to working with them to provide our Australian clients with locally hosted access to our products.

Our current Australian customers are migrating into IC2 this week following a fortnight of configuration and fail-over testing.

Hosting from IC2 removes potential data sovereignty, latency, and transparency issues, which were a major concern for a number of potential Australian customers.

We want to grow our presence in the Australian government and enterprise sectors, but we’ve found hosting sensitive data internationally is a contentious issue for many organisations.

Hosting our Australian customers’ data on the ground in Sydney removes this issue completely.

Macquarie Telecom is Psoda’s first international hosting partner and working with a hosting partner who meets our high standards and who is ready to grow with us as our customer base expands is critical.

It will enable us to meet the rapidly growing demand for our software in Australia.

Here’s what James Mystakidis, Group Executive of Hosting at Macquarie Telecom, has to say about the partnership: “Psoda is a challenger company in New Zealand with huge potential to shake-up the Australian SaaS landscape.

“The team needs high levels of support, flexibility, and control so that the business can flourish. Macquarie Telecom will execute activity on behalf of Psoda through our remote hands service where our engineers and technicians make changes based on their instructions.”

We needed an Australian partner who could guarantee an exceptional level of service and confidence to our Australian customers and chose Macquarie Telecom due to their certifications and world-class data centre.

They also offer a hybrid environment, which is vital to the functionality and superiority of our software.

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