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Press Release: Psoda Launches New Mobile Timesheet App (iPsoda)


WELLINGTON NZ, (20 January 2011) Psoda (http:/www.psoda.com) today launched its new free mobile timesheet application called iPsoda. It is the latest addition to the Psoda suite of on-demand software solutions.

iPsoda uses the latest HTML5 technology to ensure high performance on the most popular devices and next generation browsers; including the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android phones and Google Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers.

iPsoda is the ideal tool for anyone who has to log time while on the road. Time can be logged offline and then uploaded to the central Psoda server the next time the device is connected, removing the need to manually transfer timesheets between devices.

“There’s nothing worse than trying to get people to fill out monthly or even weekly timesheets, particularly if they’re field based.” said Psoda’s Founder and CEO, Bruce Aylward.  “iPsoda means that people can update their timesheets once in real time, synchronise them to the central server and forget about it.”

Using iPsoda cuts down on the administration associated with project based work by providing accurate, real time, recording against projects and in turn enables more accurate reporting and billing to end-customers.

iPsoda can be downloaded free from http://www.psoda.com/cms.php/what-is-psoda/program-and-project-management/iPsoda

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