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We’ve been busy over the last few month with a major upgrade of e-LM and it was a case of “all hands on deck”, so things have been a bit quite on the blogging side. Over the next few post I’ll give you a bit of an update of what’s been happening.

One of the biggest changes you’ll notice is that we’ve split e-LM into four separate products:

  • Programme & Project Management
  • Scope Management
  • Test Management
  • Product Management

You can get more details about each of these products from our updated website at www.e-lm.com.

There were two reasons for this split. The first was that the toolkit was getting too big in our customers were asking if they could just have this portion or that. This also lead to the second reason in that we wanted to make it cheaper to use e-LM. Instead of paying the full price to subscribe to all of the tools you can now pick one or more of the modules above and only pay for those modules.

The four modules are still fully integrated so if you pick two or more you will have access to additional functions that cross the boundaries of the modules.

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