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Meet Chet – Psoda’s new AI-loving, Shogi playing developer

Chet Peesapati - Psoda Junior Developer

A keen interest in artificial intelligence and programming has led Chet Peesapati to the perfect first job – as a junior developer at Psoda.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science from Victoria University, Chet came across a Psoda job ad on Student Job Search and was instantly drawn in by two words – “artificial intelligence”.

“What stood out to me right away was that Psoda was looking for someone interested AI. This sparked my interest immediately, as I’m very interested in how AI is developing. Being able work with AI in my first job as a programmer was an exciting prospect,” says Chet.

“Technology is moving at such a fast pace – especially with AI and automation. The good thing about Psoda is that they’re starting to look at how to apply things like AI, so I will certainly be able to learn more while I work.”

However, Chet is not too concerned about losing his job to a machine.

“I think with AI there will be jobs lost, but also a lot new opportunities. In the past, technology has replaced all types of jobs, but also created new jobs. You still need people to run the machines. So I’m not too worried, as long as I get to keep up with new skills.”

In addition to being able to dabble in emerging tech like AI, Chet also enjoys the culture of working at a smaller software firm like Psoda. Sharing a workspace with senior developers and team members from different parts of the business, gives him a good view of what happens across the company.

“It’s really good to have everyone together in one office – it’s especially great to be sitting next to top management. Also, sitting next to our designers I get a feel for what goes on during the design stage before development. That’s a great learning experience, especially for a junior, and I’m sure it will help me along my career path.”

Interestingly for a digital native, one of Chet’s favourite pastimes is distinctly analogue – playing board games.

“I enjoy playing games like Monopoly, Checkers and chess, and am trying to learn Shogi – a Japanese variation of chess.”

But enjoying such low-tech activities are in no way at odds with an enthusiasm for something like AI and programming, says Chet.

“These games help develop your problem-solving skills, which is important for my career and life in general.”


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