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KPIs for project managers

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A friend and I were discussing the way project managers are assessed in large organisations and we were unsurprised to discover that in both our experiences it is rare for project managers to have tailored KPIs.

They tend to be assessed on either their project’s KPIs or the general business KPIs, neither of which are really suitable.

So what should project managers be assessed on? Here are our top 5.

  1. The percentage of projects completed on time, within budget and scope – taking into account fully approved changes
  2. The number of project staff that leave the team outside of stage gates
  3. The results of 360 degree stakeholder engagement surveys
  4. The quality and update record of project documentation
  5. Customer satisfaction

What would your KPIs look like?

To help ensure project managers meet their KPIs, it is important to actually record the goals they need to achieve and to track their progress. One way to do this is with a tool like Psoda’s Programme & Project Management module, which include a task management tool that lets you track, prioritise and coordinate your team’s tasks to ensure they meet their goals.


  • February 13, 2017

    I would put Customer Satisfaction at #1.
    Employee/team satisfaction cf staff in the organization overall
    Percentage of projects that have an appropriate outcome measured by the triple constraint AND realized business benefit (sometimes the best thing a project manager can do is persuade management to stop flogging a dead horse).

    I think in this day and age it is interesting that we have many measures of project success, but project manager success is largely anecdotal and often tied purely to the project outcome as measured by deliverables.

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