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Psoda is bridging the gap between physical and electronic kanban boards
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Psoda is bridging the gap between physical and electronic kanban boardsLearn More
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Journey to the cloud; how 3 large transportation agencies took to the skies

Kiwi innovation. Psoda Cloud Expo Asia. See us at stand G10

Psoda Cloud Expo Asia. See us at stand G10This blog post summarises my talk at Cloud Expo Asia on Wednesday 13th November. The focus is how 3 large transport agencies started their journey into the cloud with Psoda.

Setting the scene

Each organisation came into being after a number of smaller agencies were amalgamated. This lead to a number of problems including:

  • No transparency of data – programme & project information was scattered across multiple systems.
  • Different versions of the truth depending on which document you looked at
  • A lack of clear project and portfolio prioritisation – he who shouted loudest got the resources.
  • Resource utilisation was uneven with people over allocated at some times and under allocated at other times.
  • Report generation was time consuming and inaccurate. Programme and project coordinators had to chase individual programme and project managers for their reports before collating them in another system to present to the relevant managers
  • Difficulty getting the right information to internal and external stakeholders

Why was Psoda chosen

All three agencies stated that Psoda’s powerful, customisable, report engine was one of the main reasons Psoda was successful, other reasons included:

  • Cost effective license model of paying per user per month
  • The flexibility of the tool; the tool fitted the needs of the business, rather than the other way about
  • The tools scaled to match the agencies’ needs
  • Ease-of-use
  • The ability to implement just one or two functions at a time

The new normal

Post the implementation of Psoda, all of the agencies reported significant benefits.

Psoda has given the agencies a much better visibility across their projects resulting in much better buy-in from programme and project managers across each organisation. It has also led to much more efficient project meetings.

All have seen a significant increase in productivity, in fact one agency reported that their administrators saved on average 20 hours per month using Psoda.

There is now a single source of all programme and project information that is accessible to senior managers and stakeholders at a touch of a button. This increased visibility has helped increase funding for critical projects, that until the data was visible, were being neglected.

Resource management became simpler; clear real time reports allow resource managers to identify individuals that are severely over or under allocated, reducing bottlenecks.

Overall Psoda has become a catalyst for change in these organisations. Projects are being run much more consistently and following the organisational processes has become second nature. Process changes has become almost transparent with updates to workflows becoming available to the project managers the next time they used the tool.


If you’ d like to experience the same benefits in your organisation, sign up for your free trial.

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