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How a Psoda internship helped launch my career

Photo of Kervin playing his guitar

Photo of Kervin playing his guitarFor five months this year, I had the pleasure of working as an intern at Psoda.

As a Bachelor of Business Information Systems student at Victoria University, we all need to complete an internship as part of the course, and I feel very fortunate that I had the opportunity to do mine at Psoda.

In fact, I can definitely credit what I learned and the experience I gained during my time at the company as a stepping stone in starting my career.

I start my first permanent job as analyst/developer at Telecom in November and I believe the programming and coding skills I learned at Psoda, which I would not otherwise have gained, helped me stand out from other candidates.

Another advantage of the internship was that it gave me actual projects and work experiences I could use as examples in interviews. When you go for interviews as a student, it’s very important to have some experience to talk about, and I think this really helped to impress interviewers.

One of the benefits of working at a small company like Psoda was that I was able to work on real projects.

I also learned a lot from working closely with founders Bruce and Rhona Aylward. It was exciting and very interesting being able to interact with the owners directly.

You don’t get the same opportunities working at a bigger company. Friends of mine who worked at larger organisations achieved far less compared to me, so that made a big difference.

I found out about Psoda through Grow Wellington and didn’t really know a lot about the company at first. One of the things that surprised me at the start was that Psoda operated virtually, so I wouldn’t be working at an actual office!

But I adjusted to it pretty quickly. I could do my work anytime and from anywhere, which fit in perfectly with my university and part-time work schedule, so it turned out to be much better than an office environment.

The support and communication from Bruce and Rhona were great – they were always accessible and very responsive.

Whenever I had any problems or issues, they were always just an email or phone call away to help solve it.

I would meet with Bruce for an hour every week. He would teach me some coding and we’d talk about the progress of projects I was working on and what needed to happen.

Developing that relationship with Bruce and Rhona was a great experience.

I also got to build connections with other people. I was brought in to help with Psoda training and met people from various industries. This was one of highlights of the internship because it gave me background and knowledge of what Psoda offers and the chance to interact with customers.

For students just staring out it’s all about getting experience in different industries. I gained a lot experience and development skills during my time at Psoda – it was certainly a big starting step for me.

Working with Psoda also made me positive about the future of the software industry in New Zealand. Companies like Psoda help small business have the same quality of systems as larger businesses.

I’m pretty sure Psoda will grow in New Zealand and around the world.

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