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Yesterday we took another step on the path to Silicon Valley by attending a workshop in Auckland hosted by the ANZA Technology Network on how to FocUS your marketing for the US marketplace.

The workshop consisted of each comany pitching their product to Chris Shipley, a world-renowned technology market analyst, and Dan Sapp, leading US presentation coach. Our presentations were then disected and reshaped to deliver the maximum impact within a five minute timeslot. After some training from Dan on how to develop a presentation targetted specifically at the person, or group, that you are going to be presenting to, each of us worked on developing a new presentation. These were then delivered to the group again with some further refining comments.

Chris and Dan are very knowledgable and added tremendous value to my understanding of the pitching process and how to target my pitches specifically at the US market.

Next steps

  1. Practice developing and pitchingusing this new framework
  2. Save up some money for the trip
  3. Get a list of people to see in the Valley
  4. Get my a_r_s_e over there

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