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Geeks, Gadgets & Gizmos @ CeBIT Australia 2011

As usual CeBIT was full of all 3, with loads of technology and cool things to play with.

Emotiv brain to computer interface – I was really looking forward to seeing this in action, but when I went past the stand it wasn’t working.

ReadCloud – This is being touted as the world’s first social ereading software and is designed for schools and libraries to allow teachers and students to share text, pictures or videos within ebooks.

Chargebar – The free mobile charging station was a godsend.

NEC prototype tablet cradle – It turns your tablet into a phone. Pretty cool.

Given that, I was really disappointed in the lack of decent WIFI access at the event. They only allowed access to CeBIT Twitter and even that was ridiculously hard to do. I could have used the 3G facility on my Vodafone mobile, but at NZ$1 per MB it was just too expensive.

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