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Psoda is bridging the gap between physical and electronic kanban boardsLearn More
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A day in the life of… Marina Voronova, UX designer

UX Designer Marina Voronova

Psoda is publishing a series of articles allowing a look inside the business. Picking up the baton from Rhona, I am going to explain what the life of a UX designer is like at Psoda.

What’s your job?

My title is user-experience (UX) designer, which means making sure that our products are simple and easy to use. That involves a lot of details such as position, size and colour of every link and button on your screen and where they take you. UX is basically the core of any application or website that we all use in our daily life. Good UX is what makes us go back to our favourite apps over and over again.

However this is not the only field that I cover at Psoda. I get to do user interface (UI), web, graphic design and heaps of other cool stuff.

Describe a typical day

Typical?! That is the least applicable word to describe my day. My days in Psoda are never the same. I simply don’t have a routine.

Well… First thing in the morning is a coffee of course. At Psoda we love our coffee machine. We take turns making coffee for our entire team. Once everybody’s got their fragrant steaming hot cup of coffee, we all do a stand-up meeting and share what each of us is up to and discuss new ideas or any issues that we are facing along the way.

Then I get to my daily tasks. It can really be anything from observing and analysing our clients using Psoda to drawing Easter eggs (for a seasonal makeover of the Psoda login page ) or my teammate’s faces in a cartoony style.

Thankfully I am not chained to my computer. So sometimes I just grab my sketchbook and go outside for inspiration and to do some sketches in the open air. Our office location is just perfect for that as we are based in the heart of the Wellington Botanical Gardens.

I work quite tightly with Rhona who is responsible for the marketing. We do lots of brainstorming together and discuss ideas for Psoda ads, website, blog posts, tweets etc. Rhona’s strength is finding the right wording, and I am responsible for the visuals.

What’s your favourite bit of your job?

Learning!! I get to do a lot of things I’ve never done before. I try to make the best of it and absorb new info like a sponge. At the moment I am learning about project, programme and portfolio management, advertising, the use of social media in business and heaps of other exiting stuff. Moreover, I feel like because of such a wide range of tasks I am developing a lot professionally. Concentrating on UX and UI, I am also touching on different spheres of design. It is extremely useful to be aware of modern trends in graphic, web design and advertising.

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