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A day in the life of… Luke Hardiman, Junior Developer

Head shot of Junior Developer Luke Hardiman

Written by Bruce Aylward

Bruce is Chief Everything Officer at Psoda and an award winning ICT leader. After starting life as a rocket scientist he created Psoda and has been taking the product to the world for over 10 years.

Today, I’m interviewing our Junior Developer, Luke Hardiman to find out what a typical day in his world looks like

What’s your job?

My job title at Psoda is Junior Developer (AKA the Demon Dev). This job involves drinking the finest coffee and undertaking various coding tasks.  These tasks vary from Psoda template report writing to mobile application development. I get to play with a variety of front-end and back-end stacks and technologies.

I am being introduced into the Psoda system slowly. As you would imagine it’s a very large system with over 1 million lines of code. Easing in ensures I have the opportunity to learn and understand how the Psoda system performs.

Describe a typical day

Coffee!!! Every day starts with a nice fresh double shot Americano or flat white. I love the variety as there is no typical day i.e. no day is the same. The day kicks off with our daily stand-up meeting where we  figure out what the day’s agenda will contain.

Which could be design changes that need to be implemented from our UX designer Marina – we have a deal that if any major changes are required, coffee is included!

If I am not working on a top secret mobile application then I will be playing with node.js, angularJS or just hacking the local Raspberry Pi.
Also during the day I will end up having a caffeine fix with CEO Bruce Aylward. Then I will be either learning something new on Psoda or helping out writing project management report templates in the Psoda system.

What’s the favourite bit of your job?

I have several favourite bits 🙂

  • Flexible working arrangements at Psoda is awesome! If you cannot make it to the office you can work from home. Just like I am doing now with the school holidays. I can do Skype stand-ups in the morning and work while babysitting (my kids are old enough to require minimum supervision).  It’s an awesome family friendly organisation.
  • Daily coffee intake with the CEO and COO Rhona Aylward and getting to find out the mechanics of Psoda and the daily business activities. It’s great to be connected with management when you are new to the organisation.
  • Caffeine and learning, either Psoda or new stacks, this is one of my favourite and most enjoyable work hobbies. I get to do research and learn new stacks or look at the internals of stacks and do performance testing against an application.

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