Agile Management

Whether you’re new to Agile or a seasoned practitioner, you can confidently plan, track and release your projects with Psoda.

We’ve built our Agile solution with simplicity in mind, but without compromising functionality.

Dynamic drag-n-drop Kanban boards

Plan and manage your Sprints with our easy to use and fully customisable Kanban boards. Promote team collaboration regardless of location, it doesn’t matter if half the team is in Sydney and the other half in London. Unify your team around the board and promote solid, incremental solution delivery.

Don’t give up on your physical Kanban boards

You no longer have to pick between physical and electronic Kanban boards. Why not have both? With our Pocket.Vision integration you just take a photo of your physical boards and it will automatically synchronise with your Psoda Kanban boards, adding new tasks and moving existing tasks if they’ve been moved on your physical board.
Pocket.Vision app on two mobiles side by side
Animated composition of an agile chart showing initiative, epic, story and task links

Data structure

Structure your data the Agile way, from tasks, to user stories, to epics and beyond to themes and initiatives. Capture past and future Sprints so you can keep track of exactly where your project is heading (and has been). You can also extend our data structure with your own fields.


Whether you want to limit the information you see, filter a data set once or switch up the look and feel of your instance we’ve got you covered.

You can customise your dashboards so that you only have the information you need. Custom filters let you quickly and easily sort through large swathes of data and if one day you feel like switching up your colours you can do that too.
Filter list popup in Psoda

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Burndown chart from Psoda


You have access to all of our out of the box reports or you can build your own with our report wizard. Now you have rich, real time reporting at the touch of a button. Our most popular Agile reports are:

Yellow tick icon - used as a bullet pointBurndown charts

Yellow tick icon - used as a bullet pointSprint reports


Don’t worry about having to make your organisation work with Psoda, we work with you! We’ve pre-built an Agile task workflow for you, but if that doesn’t fit your needs you can quickly and easily build your own with our workflow engine. Your workflows can also include automation like sending out emails or escalating items that have been stuck for too long.
Workflow states with back and forward arrows in between each