Psoda is a set of online modules that help professionals manage programmes, projects, requirements, testing and product development.

Psoda modules are easy to use, secure and make managing work simple. Just pick the Psoda flavour that best suits you, or you can mix and match the modules to get even more benefits.

Programme and project management module

Deliver your programmes and projects on time and on budget. Prioritise, plan, staff, track and monitor everything to do with your portfolios, programmes, projects and sub-projects. Find out more about the Programme & Project Management module.

Requirements management module

Organise your project requirements, collaborate with your team, understand the impact of and manage change throughout the life of your programme or project. Find out more about the Requirements Management module.

Test management module

Manage all aspects of the software testing process. Work out what you need to test and why, record test results, keep track of any bugs or defects and make action plans to get problems solved. Find out more about the Test Management module.

Product development module

Track and manage the development of products at all stages of their lifecycle. Products can range from services you've implemented, to software and hardware or even a policy document. Find out more about the Product Management module.

Psoda Lite module

Use this free module to record your time against ad-hoc tasks. You can also generate a weekly or monthly timesheet. Find out more about the Psoda Lite module.

If you'd like in-depth training, we offer two on-site training courses.