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How is your testing going?

Record your test results and keep track of any bugs or defects with the Psoda test results tool.

  • Select the test cases you want to include in a test run.
  • Automatically time each test and pause the timer if you need to.
  • Record the actual test results against your expected outcomes.
  • Log any defects or bugs you find during testing.
  • Keep track of your overall testing progress.
  • Review past test results to help plan future testing.

Who uses it?

  • Test Engineers to see what they need to test and to record the results of their testing.
  • Test Managers to track testing progress and plan future testing.

Screenshot: Your test results

Refer to the test results table for an overview of your test run, including a list of the test cases that make up the test run, how far you've progressed with the test, the results and how long the test took.

Screenshot of a test results table.

Get your 30 day free trial