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A single point of control for your project

Create a central repository of all your project information with the Psoda projects tool. Track progress, give stakeholders real-time updates and collaborate with your team to realise the benefits you've set out to achieve.

  • Draw up budgets.
  • Baseline budgets and track approved changes.
  • Track expenses against your original budget.
  • Plan work breakdown structures and track their progress.
  • Define milestones.
  • Track progress against milestones.
  • Keep a risk register with action plans.
  • Track any issues with action plans.
  • Record and manage change requests.

Who uses it?

  • Programme and project directors or managers.
  • Give your stakeholders or steering committee members read-only access (for free) so they have a real-time view of your programmes and projects.

Screenshot: Project dashboard

The project dashboard summarises the projects financial performance, milestone progress, risks, issues and change requests.

Screenshot of the project dashboard.

Get your 30 day free trial