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Traceability matrix

See the dependencies between change requests, requirements and test cases and understand how any changes will affect your project with the Psoda traceability matrix.

  • Track and visualise the linkages between change requests, requirements and test cases.
  • Add new scope dependencies directly from the traceability matrix.
  • Easily identify any missing requirements or test cases.
  • Understand the impact of any changes to your project, and see how a change in one area of your project will affect your other project requirements.

Who uses it?

  • Business Analysts to add and manage dependencies, and analyse the impact of any changes.
  • Test Analysts to check that all requirements have been covered by test cases and that any changes to the requirements are propogated.

Screenshot: Traceability matrix

The traceability matrix lets you visualise the dependencies between your project requirements, test cases and change requests. The arrows show a relationship (or dependency) between two items. The red arrows indicate that a requirement has been changed and that the change has not yet been propagated to the detailed requirements or the test cases.

Screenshot of a traceability matrix.

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