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Get your requirements under control

Define the scope of your project with the Psoda requirements management tool.

  • Create a detailed list of requirements for your projects and sub-projects. Requirements can be high-level, functional, non-functional, detailed, use-cases and user stories.
  • Associate your requirements with product features and change requests.
  • Attach any type of document to the requirement (such as use-cases, interaction diagrams or page mock-ups).
  • Let people add comments to your requirements, including customers (using a restricted access account).
  • Elaborate or break a requirement down into more detailed requirements.
  • Link test cases to requirements.

Who uses it?

  • Business Analysts to define the scope of a project and capture any dependencies between requirements.
  • Test Analysts to check there are tests set up for every requirement and to keep track of any changes to requirements so they can update associated test cases.

Screenshot: Pie chart of requirements

The pie chart gives you an overview of the states (or phases) that your requirements are going through. You can customise the states to suit your project (for example, review, implementation and testing).

Screenshot of a requirement pie chart.

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