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Group your requirements into projects and sub-projects to organise them.

Some projects are too big and need to be broken into smaller chunks or sub-projects. Some of your requirements will apply across all of these chunks while others may only apply to a particular sub-project. Overall requirements can be linked to sub-project requirements to capture the dependencies into a traceability matrix.

Similarly if you are runnning an agile project you will have a number of sprints. Each sprint will implement a set of the overall requirements of the project out of the backlog. In Psoda you can model the sprints and the backlog using sub-projects. When you are ready to implement a particular requirement you can move it from the backlog into the sprint.

Who uses it?

  • Project Managers to prioritise the project requirements and allocate them to sub-projects or sprints.
  • Business Analysts to capture requirements and their dependencies.
  • Developers to see understand what they have to develop.
  • Test analysts to understand the project requirements and to make sure they have test cases to cover each requirement.

Screenshot: Project requirements table

The screenshot below shows an example table of requirements for a project:

Screenshot of a project requirements table.

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