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Track dependencies and understand the impact of change on your projects

Some requirements may be dependent on other, for example detailed requirements are dependent on the high-level requirements they are derived from. If the high-level requirement should change then the detailed requirements may need to be updated as well.

Test cases are also dependent on the requirements from which they were derived.

  • Capture any dependency relationships between your project requirements, test cases and change requests.
  • Understand the impact of any changes to your project, and see how a change in one area of your project will affect your other project requirements.
  • Check that your project requirements are covered by sufficient testing by linking test cases as dependents of a requirement.

Who uses it?

  • Business Analysts to help develop and refine project requirements and analyse the impact of any changes to their project timelines and deliverables.
  • Test Analysts to understand how requirements relate to each other, and to link test cases to requirements to make sure that all parts of the project are covered by sufficient testing.

Screenshot: Dependency tree

A dependency tree shows a list of activities on your project that are linked to or dependent on other tasks. You can use this to manage and analyse dependency links on your project.

Screenshot of a dependency table.

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