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Deliver your programmes and projects on time and on budget. Plan, staff, track and monitor everything to do with your programmes, projects and sub-projects.

Target benefits, track costs, manage time, minimise risks, mitigate issues and deal with change. You can even create an automated steering committee report.

Who uses it?

  • Programme and project directors or managers
  • Give your stakeholders or steering committee members read-only access (for free) so they have a real-time view of your programmes and projects.

What can you do?

  • Set the strategic direction of your organisation, programme or project through Benefits Realisation and track your progress toward those targets.
  • Group programmes and projects into portfolios.
  • Prioritise programmes and projects in portfolios based on key indicators.
  • Draw up budgets for programmes or projects.
  • Baseline budgets and track approved changes.
  • Track expenses against your original budget.
  • Plan work breakdown structures and track their progress.
  • Let users enter timesheets against allocated tasks, non-billable activities or ad-hoc tasks.
  • Define milestones for programmes or projects.
  • Track progress against milestones.
  • Keep a risk register with action plans.
  • Track any issues with action plans.
  • Record and manage change requests on your programme or project.

“NSPIRE Technologies uses Psoda to manage the ICT infrastructure projects we undertake for our customers. Psoda gives us a real competitive edge by enabling our customers to have visibility of the key aspects of the projects we are working on for them. As well as a near real-time view of the status of project tasks, issues, actions and risks; they also have access to all project artifacts (minutes, design documents etc.) as attachments.

We found Psoda to be simple and intuitive to use for both customers and staff. Best of all, it is available anytime, anywhere from any web browser. Our customers perception of us is significantly enhanced by the use of Psoda.”
Brian Meads
Managing Director

Get your 30 day free trial

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