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Assign and track project tasks

Track, prioritise and coordinate the tasks your team needs to do with the Psoda task management tool.

  • Single point of control for planning and tracking task information.
  • Create a detailed list of tasks to be performed on your project.
  • Track your estimated progress by task against actual time spent (using timesheets).
  • See a Gantt chart overview of your project tasks and timeline.
  • Assign tasks to people and keep tabs on their overall workload.
  • Assign tasks to roles during planning and reallocate to individuals later on during execution.
  • Visualise workload over time for individuals as well as roles.
  • Identify conflicts between tasks on the same project or between projects.
  • Import MS Project schedules.

Who uses it?

  • Managers and directors to assign tasks and keep projects on schedule.

Screenshot: Gantt chart overview of tasks and timeline

The Gantt chart gives you an overview of your project tasks and timeline, including tasks, task groups, progress indicators and milestones. Allocate tasks to people or groups in your team, and use the Psoda timesheet management tool to track how much time they've spent on the tasks assigned to them.

Screenshot of a GANTT chart.

Screenshot: Work breakdown structure for a particular project

Track how much time you spend on each task. The bar charts show the actual effort, cost and progress vs. the original estimates. The Allocated to column shows who each task is allocated to and what percentage of their time. The background shows green for no conflicts, orange for conflicts with other planned tasks and red for conflicts with other tasks that have been approved.

Screenshot of a work breakdown structure.

Screenshot: Task conflicts

The chart below shows the task conflicts for a particular individual. The red area represents the task. The other tasks allocated to the individual is stacked on top of each other to show the overall workload for the user. The overflow at the end of the chart shows that the user further workload beyond the period included in the chart.

Chart of conflicts for a particular task and individual.

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