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Manage and mitigate project risks

Make sure you meet project timelines and deliverables by pro-actively managing and mitigating risks with the Psoda risk management tool.

  • Make a detailed list of possible risks that could affect the success of your programme, project or sub-project.
  • Allocate risks and assign actions to people, and create action plans to resolve or mitigate risks.
  • Escalate risks to individuals e.g. the CEO or upwards e.g. from a project to the programme.
  • Keep a complete history of everything that happens, from the risk first being reported through to resolution.
  • View a summary of risks across all projects within a programme.
  • Create a custom workflow for risks.
  • Attach any type of document to a risk, and add and review comments.
  • Create issues directly from a risk.
  • Capture dependencies from risks to issues and requirements in a traceability matrix.
  • Export your risk register to a Comma Separated (CSV) file, Excel spreadsheet or XML file.
  • Pick which risk model you prefer to use: PRINCE2, PMBOK or ISO 31000.

Who uses it?

  • Programme or project managers and directors to pro-actively manage and mitigate project risks.
  • Give your customers read-only access (for free) so they can get a real-time view of your risk register.

Screenshot: The risk register

The screenshot below shows an example risk register for a project. It is sorted by the risk level and only shows the top five risks. Any change to the risk level over the last month is shown in the "Change" column.

Screenshot of a risk register.

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