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Keep your schedule on track

Plan and track the progress of your milestones with the Psoda milestones tool.

  • Make a detailed list of milestones for your programmes, projects or sub-projects.
  • Track the progress of each milestone.
  • Compare your baselines with the actual dates you complete milestones.
  • Easily see if you've finished ahead of schedule or missed a deadline.
  • Produce reports about your milestone progress for steering committees.

Who uses it?

  • Programme and project managers to plan and report on their milestones.
  • Programme managers to get an overview of milestones across all of their projects within a programme.

Screenshot: Managing your project milestones

Create a detailed list of project milestones, and check at a glance how you're tracking against your deadlines. Green colour coding lets you quickly see if you've completed your milestone ahead of schedule, and red colour coding lets you know if you've missed a deadline.

Screenshot of a milestone table.

Get your 30 day free trial