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Don't let history repeat itself

Log, track, escalate and report on the (positive and negative) lessons you've learned during your project with the Psoda Lessons Learned Log.

You can capture the following details for each lesson:

  • Category
  • Reference
  • Title
  • Description
  • Impact
  • Recommendation(s)
  • Note(s)

The lessons learned log helps you to:

  • Record all of the lessons you learn during your project
  • Capture lessons from programmes, projects, risks and issues
  • Escalate lessons to the programme level to share them
  • Comment on any lessons learned if additional information becomes available
  • Attach any useful information to the lessons
  • Add actions to lessons

Who uses it?

  • Programme managers to ensure that any lessons learned are shared across the programme.
  • Project managers to record, track and manage project lessons.
  • PMO managers to report on lessons learned and ensure knowledge sharing in the wider organisational context.

Screenshot: Lessons Learned Log

Record all of the lessons as you learn them during your project. If your lesson can help other projects escalate it up to the programme to share it with everybody.

Screenshot of a lessons learned log.

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