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Keep track of expenses

Keep tabs on how much you're spending with the Psoda expense management tool.

  • Record expenses for programmes, projects and sub-projects.
  • Map expenses against budget line items.
  • Detect budget overruns early-on to help avoid budget blowouts.
  • Work out your expenses by supplier.

Who uses it?

  • Managers and directors to pro-actively manage expenses and reduce the risk of budget blowouts.

Screenshot: Recording your expenses

Make a list of your expenses by programme, project or sub-project. Identify each expense with a budget item number, reference code and description. Red colour coding lets you quickly spot any expenses which you haven't mapped against a budget item.

Screenshot of an expenses table.

Screenshot: See how much you've spent over time

The expenses chart lets you quickly review how much you've spent on the project over time.

Screenshot of an accumulated expense chart.

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