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Understand the impact of change

Organisations are running more and more projects and programmes in parallel. It is rare for these projects and programmes to be completely isolated. It is much more likely that they are dependent on other projects and programmes within the organisation and will be impacted by changes to the budget, schedule, scope and/or risk of those projects and programmes.

It is more important than ever to be able to understand these dependencies and to be able to analyse the impact of changes or what if scenarios. The dependency matrix helps you to:

  • Visualise the dependency of programmes and/or projects on others.
  • Analyse the impact of changes in one programme or projects onto others.
  • Impact areas can include budget, schedule, scope and risk.

Here is more information on Requirements traceability matrix, i.e. capturing dependencies between requirements.

Who uses it?

  • Programme managers to capture the impact dependencies between projects and to analyse the impact of changes.
  • Senior managers and portfolio directors to analyse the impact of changes between projects in different programmes and between programmes.

Screenshot: Dependency matrix

The following screenshot shows a simple dependency matrix for a specific programme:

Screenshot of a dependency matrix.

This programme contains a number of projects and a sub-programme with a single project (QWS), represented by the columns and rows in the matrix.

The intersection of a row and a column represents a dependency. For example the intersection at the first row (ADF v0.1) and the second column (ADF v0.2) shows that project ADF v0.2 is dependent on project ADF v0.1 with a total impact of 11%. The traffic light next to the number indicates that:

  • red light - the budget has changed and will impact project ADF v0.2
  • green light - schedule changes could impact project ADF v0.2, but the schedule has not changed
  • left grey light - scope changes will not impact project ADF v0.2
  • right grey light - risk changes will not impact project ADF v0.2

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