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Keep change under control

Record and track any requests for changes with the Psoda change requests tool.

  • Record any change requests from your team or customers.
  • Work out what impact changes will have.
  • Track the review and implementation progress of change requests.

Who uses it?

  • Programme and project managers to record change requests and track the review and implementation progress on a change.
  • Business analysts to analyse the impact of a change request on your programme, project or sub-project and to propagate the change through the dependency tree.
  • Product managers to track change requests from customers against releases of the products they are responsible for.
  • Give your customers a restricted access account (for free) so they can log their own change requests and track progress on their requests in real-time.

Screenshot: Change request table

Make a list of any changes your team or customers ask for in the change request table. You can list changes by order of priority, set deadlines, and allocate the changes to people for resolution.

Screenshot of a change request table.

Get your 30 day free trial