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Plan your product development

Create a roadmap that shows how your product will be developed and track and resolve any customer queries about product releases with the Psoda release management tool.

  • Develop a roadmap for your product by creating a detailed list of product releases.
  • Allocate features and estimate effort and cost for each release.
  • Associate a release to a particular project, and create requirements for the project directly from features on the release.
  • Record and track any issues, and write detailed notes for each release.
  • Capture any change requests from internal or external customers.
  • Record any defects you encounter during a release.
  • Generate a roadmap report that summarises the development path you're following for the product.

Who uses it?

  • Product Managers to create a roadmap for their products and track any change requests, issues or defects.

Screenshot: List of releases

Create a list of the releases you're planning for a particular product. Estimated effort and cost is calculated from the features you allocate to each release. You can change the default currency to suit your organisation.

Screenshot of a release table.

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