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Manage your product feature ideas

Record and evaluate your product feature ideas and allocate features to product releases to create a roadmap with the Psoda features tool.

  • Record any ideas that could turn into features of a product.
  • Evaluate your feature ideas, and add attachments and estimates of effort and cost.
  • Allocate selected features to planned releases.
  • See the overall estimated cost and effort for a release based on all the features allocated to that release.
  • Create new requirements on the associated project.
  • Define a custom feature management workflow.

Who uses it?

  • Product Managers to record and evaluate feature ideas for product releases.
  • Business Analysts to implement releases by mapping features of a release to project requirements.

Screenshot: Feature table

View a list of your product features across all releases. The table is sorted by the release (or asset).

Screenshot of a feature table.

Screenshot: Example feature workflow

You can use a pre-defined workflow to manage your features, or create your own.

Screenshot of a feature workflow.

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