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Record and track defects and bugs

Record any bugs or defects you find during testing and get them resolved with the Psoda defects management tool.

  • Capture in one place a complete list of defects and bugs against releases of your product.
  • Attach any type of document to provide more details about a defect (such as screenshots, configuration files or error logs).
  • Allocate defects or bugs to an owner who can resolve them.
  • Put together an action plan for resolving a defect, and allocate actions to different people to get the defect fixed.
  • Track if people are completing the actions you've assigned them.

Who uses it?

  • Test Engineers during testing to record defects and get them resolved.
  • Support Engineers on behalf of customers.
  • Give your customers restricted access to a self-service portal (for free) where they can log their own defects and track progress on resolving them.

Keeping track of defects

Record and view all the defects you find during testing across your sub-project, project or programme. Colour coding helps you quickly identify the most important defects that need to be resolved.

Screenshot of a defect table.

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